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Beadcrete ® is a patented cementitious premixed, bagged safety render. It contains solid, inert, recycled glass spheres that are locked into the carefully graded aggregate matrix by polymer modified cements. Beadcrete ® has retroreflective properties which make it ideal as a safety finish. The surface is non-slip and will last longer than alternatives currently on the market.

An Australian Innovation Beadcrete ® is made in Australia & the USA from local and imported ingredients mixed and bagged to a quality assured manufacturing process. Beadcrete® is subject to Worldwide patents.


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Beadcrete® can be applied to both freshly laid and worn masonry surfaces.

Conveniently simple

Take only the required amount of dry Beadcrete® from bag, simply add water, mix, trowel and expose. Beadcrete® can be shaped to suit the purpose. A light acid wash (optional) when the Beadcrete ® has set will polish the beads more and provide more reflectivity if required.

Weathering the elements

Beadcrete ® is a very durable, low maintenance product. The glass beads are dispersed throughout the applied coating. High compressive strength means impact and abrasion resistance. Damaged Beadcrete ® can be patched or cleaned and restored by acid washing. It is very stain resistant, due to its low porosity.

Technical Data

  • Premixed 20kg bags of polymer modified safety render.
  • One 20kg bag of Beadcrete ® will cover approximately 1m2 of substrate or around 2-3 traffic island nosings.
  • One 20kg bag requires approximately 2.5 litres of potable water.
  • It is applied to a thickness of around 8 - 12mm or more depending on application.
  • Polymer modification reduces permeability, aids hydration increases cohesive, adhesive, shear, impact and flexural strength.
  • Passes AS/NZS 3661.1:1993 (Slip resistance) w Passes AS 4049.2:1994 (Skid resistance) (Beadcrete 500 series).
  • Passes Unisearch (NSW) testing procedures for shrinkage, adhesion and wear resistance (20 year accelerated test).
  • See document Beadcrete® Guidelines for Use for application details.


Reflectapave samples


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space Beadcrete is visibly better

The glass beads are exposed so around 60-70% of the bead is set in the high strength concrete matrix. Light is reflected back to its source, by the exposed 30-40% of bead, giving the motorist clear warning of Beadcrete® coated obstacles.


Even under the deluge of rain, the beads maintain their retroreflectivity, due to their size. Motorists rely on visibility when making driving decisions. High reflectivity means increased braking time. Not only does this improve safety, it also reduces road maintenance costs as vehicles travel where they are meant to.


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space Safety applications
  • Line striping
  • Traffic islands
  • Curbing
  • Roundabouts
  • Concrete Speed Humps
  • Traffic Barriers
  • Tunnel Markings
  • Bridge Pylons
  • Toll Gate Entrances
  • Car Parks
  • Raised Pedestrian Crossings
  • Steps
  • Paths
  • Edges
  • Landscaping Effects





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