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American Pool Construction Inc.

I just wanted to drop you a note and rave just a little about my beadcrete experience!! First regardless of the product type you've installed in our pools over the years it has always been a pleasure to do business with you and your company.

With all the choices, our clients now have a tremendous opportunity to match or compliment their design with fascinating product! I have installed several combinations of mini pebble with various shapes and colors of glass beads and have installed a couple recently, with glass only and the results were spectacular!! The ease of maintenance and start-up work couples with the long term durability and,... I think we're on to something here!! It's a great value when product stands so head and shoulders above all the rest! I am able to deliver beauty, elegance, durability and reliability alll for an affordable price !! That is good news! Please keep up the good work and we look forward to our next Beadcrete pool!!

Most sincerely;

Rick Willinksky - President

American Pool Construction, Inc.



I have attached a photo of my pool in beadcrete, after reviewing your sample photos- the pool done by Superior Plastering in Phoenix Arizona, has made it into Dal Tile Showcase catalog is a custom color version of Shawdow blue with added Pyrite (Gold).

Its a stunning example of your product. In the sun this pool just glitters and gleams next to the glass tile accents. Thank you for your excellent product.

Cynthia Powers Designer/Homeowner Tucson, AZ



My pool is already done. We chose Hawaiian!


We have the nicest pool we have ever seen! It was done by someone from Arizona who has done many Beadcrete pools.

Ellen Snyder.


We love our Beadcrete pool. It is more beautiful than we expected. Thank you for your time, patience and suggestions. Everyone at the company was delightful to work with. We will definately suggest Beadcrete to all our friends. Please feel free to use our pool to show future customers.

Thanks again

Dave Bennier


I am very excited about your product line Beadcrete. Mike Pitman applied our first application yesterday. I cannot thank Sara Teft enough for introducing me to this product. Thank you for giving our industry something new to enhance the backyards for our most discriminating clientele. Some industry professionals will embrace the product and some will run from it and refuse to think outside the box, my company embraces the product and change.

Sincerely yours,

Joyce Bowles
Backyard Aquatics
Mount Dora. Florida USA


We are writing as satisfied customers of your Designer Beadcrete. We have recently constructed a new concrete pool at our home as owner builders, and decided on Designer Beadcrete as our pool interior.

From the moment we entered your showroom, we were more than satisfied with the professionalism shown in helping us decide on the 'right' colour and grade to suit our pool design, to the final installation of the product. We would happily recommend Designer Beadcrete to all our friends and family.

Kind regards,
Brad Wardrobe
Director BGW Constructions Pty Ltd
Engadine NSW Australia'




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